The Future of Containers in the Enterprise

May 3, 2016

Las Vegas

Container Summit Agenda

8:30 AMIntroduction

Bryan Cantrill, Joyent

8:45 AMContainers and Microservices: Innovation at Scale

Victor Gajendran, Ticketmaster

9:15 AMThe CNCF Cluster

Ken Owens, Cisco
Bryan Cantrill, Joyent
Joe Carvalho, Intel
Tobi Knaup, Mesosphere

10:00 AMThe Power of Containers on Prem

Zach Dunn, Optoro
Cliff Pearson, University of California Santa Cruz

10:30 AMCoffee Break

10:45 AMSci-Fi DevOps, and How You Can Too

Casey Bisson, Joyent

11:10 AMManaging Microservices at Scale

Jane Arc, Uber

11:35 AMDocker Developer Experience

Adam Eivy, Disney

12:00 PMLunch Break

1:30 PMFashionably Containerized

Jon Wilmoth, Nordstrom

2:00 PMInnovate or Die: Containers to the Rescue

James Ford, ADP

2:30 PMDocker Do's and Don'ts

Tianon Gravi, InfoSiftr

3:00 PMAfternoon Break

3:15 PMCloud Native Strategy

Jamie Dobson, Container Solutions

4:15 PMThe Evolving Container Ecosystem

Alex Williams, The New Stack

4:45 PMClosing Remarks

Bryan Cantrill, Joyent