The Future of Containers in the Enterprise

Container Summit Articles

How ADP Uses Containers to Innovate

May 23, 2016

Steven Andrew, Director of Social Media, InfoSiftr

At the recent Container Summit, James Ford (ADP's Chief Strategic Architect) shared insight into how ADP approaches innovation. He talked about how ADP uses containers to innovate, and about the importance of innovation at ADP.

Cloud Native Apps

February 11, 2016

Pini Reznik, CTO, Container Solutions

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s mission is to create and drive the adoption of a new computing paradigm that is optimized for modern distributed systems environments.

Active vs. passive discovery in distributed applications

February 5, 2016

Casey Bisson, Joyent Director of Product

One of the biggest challenges of running an application at scale is solving for discovery between the application components, but how we solve that problem can have a dramatic effect on the reliability and performance of the application. Passive approaches that depend on infrastructure-based discovery can make an application difficult to debug and prone to cascading failures, but there is another hope.

Building self-assembling applications in Docker with Containerbuddy and Consul

February 4, 2016

Tim Gross, Product Manager, Joyent

This post demonstrates how you can deploy and scale a Node.js application backed by Couchbase and load balanced with Nginx. All the components are running in multiple Docker containers on Triton, and use Containerbuddy to automate discovery and configuration. We're using Docker Compose to deploy the application and scale it across the data center on Triton.

The evolution of internet scale enterprise

February 3, 2016

Craig McLuckie, Co-founder Kubernetes Project

Over the last decade, Google has invested tremendous amounts of development resources to create systems to enable us to operate at scale.

How Docker Stepped up the Game for Containers

November 23, 2015

C.K. Oliver, The New Stack

As successful as Docker is today, it is hard to fathom that the project got its start just two years ago from a struggling PaaS provider called dotCloud, which decided to open source its orchestration framework.

Container Summit Q&A

November 23, 2015

Alex Williams, The New Stack

Alex Williams, founder of The New Stack, was emcee of the 2015 Container Summit event in San Francisco. During the event he spoke with many of the speakers, sponsors, and attendees. The interview below presents his perspective on the event and his musings on the container ecosystem.