How Docker Stepped up the Game for Containers

The Future of Containers in the Enterprise

How Docker Stepped up the Game for Containers

November 23, 2015

C.K. Oliver, The New Stack

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As successful as Docker is today, it is hard to fathom that the project got its start just two years ago from a struggling PaaS provider called dotCloud, which decided to open source its orchestration framework. But Docker offered something that other container technologies had missed until then, namely the ability to seamlessly bridge the worlds of development and operations, according to Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill. Yes, DevOps.

“For all those years, we talked about the operational efficiency of containers. What Docker does is actually use containers to deliver a development efficiency, making it easier to develop your app, not just deploy it. It allows developers to think operationally,” Cantrill said, speaking at this year’s Container Summit in San Francisco. “That is a big deal.”

In an an enthusiastic and wide-ranging talk, Cantrill touched on not only the history behind containers, but how the future of using containers within one’s development stack continues to evolve.

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