The Future of Containers in the Enterprise

Container Summit City Series

June 14, 2016


The Container Summit City Series brings expert practitioners and key container ecosystem leaders together to present user stories, share best practices, and give insights into the containerized future.

The Container Summit City Series comes to Chicago on June 14 to continue the conversation surrounding containers in production! Join the growing Chicago container community and hear how innovative enterprises are leveraging the power of containers to solve common pain points, to increase the velocity of their development cycles, and to redefine how their organizations work together to build modern applications.

Learn from companies that have been running containers in production for years and have experience with what solution stacks work best, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to get optimal performance without breaking the bank.

We'll also look to key players in the ecosystem to share insights on how a containerized future will change application development and operational processes.



6pm-7pm = Networking and Cocktail Hour (Dinner Provided)
7pm-9pm = Container Best Practices from Expert Users

Bryan Cantrill: CTO, Joyent
Justen Walker: Senior Software Engineer,
Ray Krueger: Chief Technology Architect, Hyatt Hotels
Joel Keating: Director of Technology, Expedia
Rick Fast: Principal Engineer, Expedia



Bryan Cantrill
CTO, Joyent

Justen Walker
Senior Software Engineer,

Ray Krueger
Chief Technology Architect, Hyatt Hotels

Joel Keating
Director of Technology, Expedia

Rick Fast
Principal Engineer, Expedia