The Future of Containers in the Enterprise

September 22, 2015

San Francisco


Alex Williams
Founder, The New Stack


Dave Lester
Open Source Advocate, Twitter

Jessica Frazelle
Core Maintainer, Docker

Ashwin Raveendran
Senior Member of Technical Staff, eBay Cloud Services

Ryan Van Niekerk
Senior DevOps Engineer, GoPro

Yunong Xiao
Senior Node.js Software Engineer, Netflix

Sam Ghods
Co-Founder and Services Architect, Box

Diogo Mónica
Security Lead, Docker

Jason Mendenhall
EVP Cloud, Switch

Craig McLuckie
Product Manager, Google

Ben Hindman
Founder, Mesosphere

Bryan Cantrill
CTO, Joyent

Brandon Philips

Timothy Chen
Distributed Systems Engineering Lead, Mesosphere

Jake Loveless
CEO, Lucera

Paul Scott
Lead Engineer, StubHub Music

Kevin Guo
Senior Web Developer, StubHub

Shannon Williams
Co-founder, Rancher

Dustin Kirkland
Ubuntu Product Manager, Canonical

Perry Krug
Solutions Engineering Manager, Couchbase

Tianon Gravi
SVP Operations, InfoSiftr

Mark Davis
CEO, ClusterHQ

Casey Bisson
Product Manager, Joyent