The Future of Containers in the Enterprise

May 3, 2016

Las Vegas


James Ford
Chief Strategic Architect, ADP

Jon Wilmoth
Senior Engineer, Nordstrom

Jane Arc
Senior Engineer, Security R&D, Uber

Victor Gajendran
VP of Technical Operations, Ticketmaster

Adam Eivy
Dev Solutions Architect, Disney

Bryan Cantrill
CTO, Joyent

Ken Owens
CTO Cloud Services, Cisco

Zach Dunn
Director of DevOps, Optoro

Casey Bisson
Product Lead, Joyent

Tianon Gravi
SVP Operations, InfoSiftr

Tobi Knaup
CTO & Co-Founder, Mesosphere

Joe Carvalho
Senior Architect, Intel

Cliff Pearson
UNIX Systems Engineering Lead, University of California Santa Cruz

Jamie Dobson
CEO, Container Solutions

Alex Williams
Founder, The New Stack