Containers and Microservices: Innovation at Scale

The Future of Containers in the Enterprise

May 3, 2016

Las Vegas

Containers and Microservices: Innovation at Scale


Victor Gajendran: VP of Technical Operations, Ticketmaster

Containers offer rapid application deployment, better hardware utilization, and amazing portability across machines and even clouds. Microservices offer product resilience, high scalability, and deployment ease. These are well-known facts. Now, how do you use these two awesome technologies to enable innovation at scale? I will walk you through an actual application of containers and microservices that enabled innovation and expedited product delivery at scale.

Hiccups along the way actually accelerated learning and the adaptation of these technologies to better suit our environment. This talk will cover the problems faced while attempting to manage tens of thousands of containers running hundreds of microservices in the cloud, and how to solve these problems to accelerate learning and innovation by reducing cycle time and increasing throughput.